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Lucila Vit Foto Prohibida Taringa ##VERIFIED##

Lucila Vit: The Photo That Taringa Banned and Why You Need to See It

Lucila Vit is a Chilean model and fitness instructor who has gained a lot of popularity on social media. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 300 thousand on Twitter. She is known for her stunning physique and her daring photos that often challenge the limits of censorship.

lucila vit foto prohibida taringa

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One of her most controversial photos was posted on Taringa, a Latin American social network that allows users to share content and opinions. The photo showed Lucila Vit posing in a provocative way, wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and a hat. The photo was so explicit that it was quickly removed by Taringa for violating its terms of service.

However, the photo did not disappear from the internet. Many of her fans and admirers saved it and shared it on other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The photo became viral and sparked a lot of reactions, both positive and negative. Some praised Lucila Vit for her beauty and confidence, while others criticized her for being too vulgar and disrespectful.

Lucila Vit did not seem to be bothered by the controversy. She posted more photos from the same session on her Instagram account, with captions such as "For more exclusive photos, subscribe here!" and "I love this photo". She also thanked her photographer, Flecha G Fotografia, for his work and professionalism.

But who is Lucila Vit and how did she become a famous model and fitness instructor? Lucila Vit was born on February 28, 1985 in Rosario, Argentina. She started her career as a model when she was 18 years old and moved to Chile in 2005. She participated in several beauty contests, such as Miss Reef Chile, but did not win any titles.

She then ventured into acting and appeared in some TV shows, such as Teatro en CHV, El Club de la Comedia and Vampiras. She also hosted some TV programs, such as SQP and Fiebre de Baile. However, she gained more recognition for her role as Aycha in the comedy series Mamá Ya Crecí in 2014.

Lucila Vit married Benjamín Alvarado, a Chilean professional golfer, in 2012. They divorced in 2017 after five years of marriage. Lucila Vit has not been romantically linked to anyone since then.

Lucila Vit is also passionate about fitness and wellness. She has a certification as a personal trainer and a nutritionist. She has been working as a fitness instructor for Fox Sports since 2016. She leads the Fox Fit program, where she teaches exercises and gives tips on how to stay healthy and fit.

Lucila Vit has also shared some of her fitness tips and routines on her YouTube channel, where she has over 74 thousand subscribers. She posts videos of different exercises for cardio, toning, legs, glutes, arms, abs and more. She also features some guests, such as yoga instructors, nutritionists and physiotherapists.

Some of her fitness tips are:

  • Warm up before starting any exercise to avoid injuries and prepare the muscles.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins.

  • Eat a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

  • Rest well and sleep at least eight hours a night to recover and regenerate the body.

  • Be consistent and patient with your goals and enjoy the process.

Lucila Vit is an inspiration for many people who want to improve their health and fitness. She has shown that with dedication, discipline and passion, anything is possible. She has also proven that she is not afraid to express herself and show her personality through her photos and videos.

Lucila Vit is also very active on Instagram, where she has over 1 million followers. She posts daily photos and videos of her life, her workouts, her outfits, her travels and her friends. She also interacts with her fans and answers their questions and comments.

Lucila Vit's Instagram account is a showcase of her beauty, style and charisma. She often wears colorful and trendy clothes that highlight her curves and tattoos. She also likes to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup. She sometimes shares behind-the-scenes moments of her photo shoots and TV shows.

One of her most popular posts was the one that featured the photo that Taringa banned. She received more than 21 thousand likes and 250 comments on that post. Many of her followers praised her for being gorgeous and brave, while others expressed their curiosity and admiration for the photo.

Lucila Vit is also the host of Fox Fit, a fitness program that airs on Fox Sports. She leads different workouts and challenges with other instructors and guests. She also travels to different locations and tries new activities, such as paddle surf, yoga and dance.

Fox Fit is a show that aims to motivate and inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have fun while doing it. Lucila Vit shows her enthusiasm and energy in every episode and encourages the viewers to join her. She also gives tips and advice on how to improve their performance and avoid injuries.

Fox Fit is one of the most popular fitness programs in Latin America. It has been running since 2016 and has featured celebrities such as Diego Boneta, Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra and Maluma. Lucila Vit has also interviewed some of the best athletes in the world, such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Lucila Vit has a loyal fan base that supports her and admires her. She has several fan pages on social media, such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. These fan pages share her photos, videos and news and also interact with other fans.

Lucila Vit appreciates her fans and often thanks them for their love and encouragement. She sometimes surprises them with special messages and gifts. She also invites them to participate in some of her activities and events, such as contests, live streams and meet and greets.

Lucila Vit's fans respect her and defend her from any criticism or negativity. They also celebrate her achievements and milestones, such as her birthday, her anniversaries and her awards. They consider her as a role model and a friend.

Lucila Vit has many plans and projects for the future. She wants to continue working as a fitness instructor and a TV host. She also wants to expand her online presence and create more content for her fans. She has recently launched her own website and her OnlyFans account, where she offers exclusive photos and videos.

Lucila Vit also has some personal goals that she wants to achieve. She wants to travel more and visit new places. She wants to learn new skills and hobbies, such as playing the guitar and painting. She wants to meet new people and make new friends. She wants to be happy and enjoy life.

Lucila Vit is a woman who does not stop dreaming and working hard. She has a positive attitude and a contagious smile. She has a lot of talent and charisma. She has a lot of fans and admirers. She is Lucila Vit, a model, a fitness instructor, a TV host and a star.


In this article, we have learned more about Lucila Vit, a Chilean model and fitness instructor who has become famous for her photo that Taringa banned. We have seen her career, her lifestyle, her fitness tips, her Instagram account and her future plans. We have also seen how she has a loyal fan base that supports her and admires her.

Lucila Vit is a woman who has shown that she is not afraid to express herself and show her personality through her photos and videos. She is also a woman who has shown that she is passionate and dedicated to her work and her health. She is an inspiration for many people who want to improve their fitness and wellness.

Lucila Vit is more than just a photo. She is a model, a fitness instructor, a TV host and a star. She is Lucila Vit, and she is here to stay. d282676c82


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