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Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 6 !FREE!

Hunter Hunter (2011) was an anime series that ran from 2011 to 2014. In total 148 episodes of Hunter Hunter (2011) were aired. With a total of 2 reported filler episodes, Hunter Hunter (2011) has a very low filler percentage of 1%.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 6

The best moment within this arc, however, is the dodgeball game with Razor. It wouldn't seem like a dodgeball game would be all that exciting, but trust me, this showdown is one of my favorites and it is thrilling to watch. If anything, who doesn't want to see characters, like Gon, Killua, and Hisoka playing dodgeball. All in all, Greed Island stands out because it is unique and sees Gon and Killua grow as individuals as they overcome obstacles together in the dangerous world of Greed Island.Credit: ntvAdvertisementsif(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'animecollective_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',700,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-animecollective_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0');2. Yorknew City ArcEpisodes: 37-58If you asked me on a different day, the Yorknew City Arc would be my favorite arc in Hunter x Hunter. But if you ask me on most days, I would say it's the Chimera Ant Arc. I tend to go back and forth with these two, because both are amazing for completely different reasons. Yorknew City involves the entrance of one of my favorite groups of villains, the Phantom Troupe, and it has some of the best fights and storylines in the entire series.There is also a focus on Kurapika, who goes on the hunt to avenge his clan. You see him really come into his own and he's an absolute badass in this arc. The fights that feature him are some of the best, but it's that fight that sees Chrollo battling it out against Silva and Zeno Zoldyck that sticks in my mind most. The scenes featuring Chrollo, in particular, are some of my favorites since he is one of the most interesting characters in Hunter x Hunter.Emotionally, I felt myself connected to characters on both the hunter and troupe side, which I appreciated. Usually, I find the bad guys in anime to be utterly despicable and unlikable, but not with Hunter x Hunter. The Phantom Troupe are comparable, in my opinion, to the Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden and the League of Villains in My Hero Academia. Yeah, what they are doing is wrong, but you still like them anyway. They are sophisticated and terrifyingly strong, and it is for these reasons and much more that the Phantom Troupe are one of my favorite villain groups of all-time.The storytelling and events that occur in the Yorknew City Arc are some of the most memorable in Hunter x Hunter. There's a lot of action, but there's a lot of substance and stirring moments in this arc as well.

Episodes: 76-136I want to start off by saying that the Chimera Ant Arc is a long watch, and I must admit that the first part of the arc didn't do much for me. Even so, the events that come later on allowed me to ignore its faults completely and with ease. Because it has the most episodes by far, it does occasionally feel slow, but for me, the number of episodes I enjoyed within this arc far surpassed the others.There's a narrative in the Chimera Ant Arc that felt more profound than the rest, and there are some scenes involved in these episodes that hit me hard. It's stirring, powerful, and while it's not a flawless arc as a whole, the way it tackles humanitarian issues is better than any anime I've ever seen before.This arc sees the entrance of the Chimera Ants, a massive threat to society, and introduces new characters that I absolutely love, like Kite, Knuckle, and Komugi. While there are characters you'll love, there are also others you will absolutely hate, and for good reason. But, if there's one thing I will say, it's that this arc really messes with your emotions and judgements over the course of the episodes. With some of the most moving and devastating scenes in all of Hunter x Hunter, the Chimera Ant Arc will definitely have you questioning everything by its end.It is in the Chimera Ant Arc you'll also see Gon and Killua, along with all their companions, reach new heights and show off new abilities. You'll have to overlook an annoying narrator, but trust me, this arc is well worth the watch and then some by its end. Yes, it's slow at the start, and yes it can drag on, but the story-telling, dark themes, and high stakes of this arc make it my all-time favorite in Hunter x Hunter.The manga includes events that weren't in the 2011 anime adaptation/reboot, so there's still more to be told and arcs that weren't included in this post. As a whole, Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime to ever be released, and even though I rated some of these arcs low, I still enjoyed every single one. 041b061a72


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