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DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX Full Crack [crack]

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DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX Full Crack [crack]

another little bug i ran into is that when i hit the fire button on my triggers the aircraft will fire. not all the time, but enough to make me not want to use it. maybe i just need to live with it. i'd like it if i could just keep it centered and not fire it when i want to switch it out. other than that, it's a pretty fun aircraft to fly. i would say it's a "you had to be there" type of aircraft, but that's not very subjective. maybe i'll fly it more often and see if i like it.

one last little tidbit, the windshield is a kit. the two pieces were made to be glued together and i was able to get it to work with that. i probably could have done a better job of getting the two pieces to fit, but i only had the kit pieces for a short time before i got my hands on my plans. it was a challenge to get them to fit together. i had to kind of trial and error and eventually got it to look ok. it's a bit sloppy on the nose, but it worked. if you buy a kit, you could probably do a better job of fitting the pieces together and make them look more like the real windshield.

i was pretty pleased with my first attempt at flying the spitfire and i had some fun with it. i think i'll keep on with it and see what i can come up with. i'm sure i'll learn some more tricks the more i fly it, but i'm not quite ready to say i can beat the f-86 yet.

i'll keep on with it though, because it's a darn fun airplane to fly. the only thing i don't like about it is the fact that it's so far removed from the real thing. when you look at the real spitfire, it's like you're looking at a model of it. you don't see it. you can't hear the engine. you can't feel the ailerons. and it's a little bit out of focus. 3d9ccd7d82


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