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Where To Buy Traditional Medicinals Tea

Frontier Co-Op Tea buys certified organic ingredients wherever possible, buying direct from responsible, sustainable sources. They also undertake extensive testing, including microbiological testing and tests for heavy metals such as lead, all in their in-house laboratory. Our product standard covers post-harvest treatment and processing. They do not purchase any herbs or spices that have been treated with irradiation or chemicals such as ethylene oxide.

where to buy traditional medicinals tea

Many of the best green tea options now come courtesy of Japan, where the export of green tea has increased dramatically in recent years. The same goes for Sri Lanka, with the 2013 study above finding the lowest levels of lead in both organic and standard green tea from Sri Lanka. Buying from Sri Lanka or Japan may also help you save money, given the significant price hikes seen with green tea from China after the Trump administration put tariffs on Chinese tea imports in 2019.

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