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If the use of a single model diminishes our capacity for flexibility and empowers only those comfortable in that one mode, it might also increase the breadth and depth of what we think we know. The use of models does not lead to a narrowing of common ground, but it might be a matter of common perspective, as well as a matter of common modes of acting and explicating how we act. Models are useful when we are spelling out and extending our common sense of what a leader is. We need to recognize the appropriate time for, and have the courage to engage each when appropriate, so that the result is wise action, rather than the expression of a habitual allegiance to either impulsively acting or overly deliberating. The sequential dance between reflection and action ideally continues as feedback arises and consequences unfold. This pragmatic wisdom is key to good decision-making, since each choice opens up new opportunity for the rest. In this sense, the use of models is indispensable to learning to learn.

The rule of thumb here is that when unsure, sit on it. When there are big implications for institutional self-image, or even the competence of your staff, don’t even start. When there are big personal implications, and you have a history of lacking resilience, and therefore body and mind strength, don’t even start. When there are big implications for your wise heart, your basic good nature, don’t even start. In general, unless it’s utterly stupid or completely exciting, don’t start. Sitting on it is a big part of the adventure.

After all, it’s important to review any decision that you’ve made. It’s clear that it came from the intersection of curiosity and experience. Also, it’s important to acknowledge the role of lucky breaks and unexpected resources. In general, no big decision comes from a vacuum in which our brains are blank; if we’ve been curious enough, we have been spilling over into experiences that inform our decision. In many ways, we end up learning from our experiences about what works and what doesn’t. Reactions to any decision can inform the next step. d2c66b5586


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