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Divlja Orhideja 2 Film [Extra Quality]

Wild Orchid received negative reviews from critics around the time of its release, currently maintaining a 10% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes based on 30 reviews. It was nominated for two Razzie Awards, including Worst Actor (Mickey Rourke) and Worst New Star (Carré Otis). On its opening week in Italy, it grossed $403,210 from 10 screens in six cities.[6] The film was a box-office flop.

Divlja orhideja 2 film

Bisset's other film and TV credits include Rich and Famous (1981), Class (1983), her Golden Globe-nominated role in Under the Volcano (1984), her CableACE Award-nominated role in Forbidden (1985), Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989), Wild Orchid (1990), her Cesar Award-nominated role in La Cérémonie (1995), Dangerous Beauty (1998), her Emmy-nominated role in the miniseries Joan of Arc (1999), Britannic (2000), The Sleepy Time Gal (2001), Domino (2005), a guest arc in the fourth season of Nip/Tuck (2006), Death in Love (2008), and the BBC miniseries Dancing on the Edge (2013), for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress - Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Fox cast Bisset in her first lead part in The Cape Town Affair, opposite a then-unknown James Brolin, filmed in South Africa on a low budget. She gained mainstream recognition in 1968, when she replaced Mia Farrow in The Detective opposite Frank Sinatra.[8] The same year, she co-starred with Michael Sarrazin in The Sweet Ride, which brought her a Golden Globe nomination for Most Promising Newcomer. She capped her year as Steve McQueen's girlfriend in the police drama Bullitt, which was among the top five highest-grossing films of the year. In 1969, Bisset was top billed in The First Time and Secret World, appearing as a blonde in the latter.

In 1970, Bisset was one of many stars in the disaster film Airport; her role was that of a pregnant stewardess carrying Dean Martin's love child. It was a huge hit. Bisset had another starring part in The Grasshopper (1970), which was little seen, and was in The Mephisto Waltz (1971) with Alan Alda. She reteamed with real-life romantic partner Sarrazin for the romantic drama Believe in Me, in which she played a drug addict, and had the lead in the comedy Stand Up and Be Counted (1972). More popular was The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972), where she played the daughter of Paul Newman's title character. She played the female lead in The Thief Who Came to Dinner (1973) with Ryan O'Neal, stepping in for a pregnant Charlotte Rampling.

In 1977, Bisset gained wide publicity in America with The Deep, directed by Peter Yates, who had previously directed her in Bullitt. A marketing strategy based around Bisset appearing in some scenes underwater wearing only a white T-shirt for a top helped make the film a box-office success.[10] Producer Peter Guber allegedly quipped, "That T-shirt made me a rich man!"[11] Many credit her with popularising wet T-shirt contests,[12] but Bisset was disappointed that the marketing of her translucent costume detracted from the film's technical achievements.[10] At the time, Newsweek declared her "the most beautiful film actress of all time." Shortly thereafter, a UK production, Secrets, that Bisset had made in 1971 was re-released in the United States. That movie featured the only extensive nude scenes of Bisset's career and the producers cashed in on her fame.

Bisset appeared in some all-star films: When Time Ran Out (1980), starring alongside Paul Newman and William Holden, and Inchon (1981), with Laurence Olivier. Her fee around this time was $1 million a movie.[13] Both When Time Ran Out and Inchon were big flops.

During the early 1990s, Bisset shot projects on multiple continents, co-starring in Mario Monicelli's Rossini! Rossini! (1991), a biopic of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini; with Martin Sheen for a Paris-based TV movie called The Maid (1991); with Elliott Gould in the Dutch miniseries Hoffman's honger (1993); with Jean-Hugues Anglade in the French language film Les marmottes (1993); and with one of Japan's top stars, Masaya Kato in the Australian TV film Crimebroker (1993). "I used to work [in the states] a lot, and then I started to go and do more of the intimate little films I wanted to do that I didn't find here," she said in 1994. "I started to have two lives, really. I was able to cover more of the ground that I wanted to as an actress. But now I need to do more things that get seen."[17] Bisset returned to North American screens with the TV film Leave of Absence (1994), opposite Brian Dennehy.

In 1995, Bisset was nominated for a César Award for her role in the French film La Cérémonie, directed by Claude Chabrol.[18] She did a couple of period pieces, playing a spinster in 1890s New York in Linda Yellen's End of Summer (1997), and a retired courtesan in 16th-century Venice in Dangerous Beauty (1998) with Catherine McCormack.

In 1999, Bisset appeared in two high-calibre television projects, playing the Virgin Mary in Jesus and Isabelle d'Arc in Joan of Arc, opposite Jeremy Sisto and Leelee Sobieski in the respective titular roles. Bisset earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for the latter performance.[19] Let the Devil Wear Black (1999) was an independent film featuring Bisset in an ensemble cast, loosely retelling Shakespeare's Hamlet in modern-day Los Angeles.

Bisset returned to the Biblical genre with In the Beginning (2000), playing Sarah, wife of Abraham. She had the leading role in The Sleepy Time Gal (2001), which premiered on SundanceTV and was cited by the Village Voice in its annual survey of the year's best undistributed films. One of her later TV movies, in 2003, was America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story, in which she portrayed Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. She did guest shots on Hey Arnold!, Ally McBeal and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and had key roles in the independent features Swing (2003), Latter Days (2003) and Fascination (2004).

In 2005, Bisset was seen in the Domino Harvey biographical film Domino with Keira Knightley, directed by Tony Scott, playing a fictionalised version of Paulene Stone (renamed "Sophie Wynn"), whom she actually knew from their time as models in London. She filmed a cameo appearance for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but her performance was cut from the movie.[20] In 2006, Bisset had a recurring role on the FX series Nip/Tuck as the ruthless extortionist James LeBeau. Her next role was in Save the Last Dance 2 (2006) as the protagonist's ballet instructor. On Lifetime she appeared in an adaption of the Nora Roberts novel Carolina Moon (2007).

In 2009, Bisset reunited with Linda Yellen for The Last Film Festival, which was Dennis Hopper's final screen appearance. Hopper's untimely death in spring 2010 occurred before Yellen could begin postproduction, and she eventually launched a crowd-funding campaign to complete the film. It finally premiered in 2016.[22]

In 2020, Bisset joined the cast of Birds of Paradise from Amazon Studios, shot in Budapest.[26] She had a co-starring role in the fantasy/horror film The Lodger alongside Alice Isaaz, and plays a title role in Russell Brown's Loren & Rose (2022).

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Novakinja u pravnoj firmi, Emili (Karé Otis), odlazi u Brazil zajedno sa šeficom Klaudijom (Žakline Biset) kako bi završile već dogovoreni posao. Tamo upoznaje preduzetnika i milionaša sa neuobičajenim pogledom na život. Nevina i ranjiva, kada ostane sama u Riju sa Velerom (Miki Rourke), Emili će se ostati šokirana, ali i očarana njegovim otvorenim pristupom seksualnosti.Nakon "9 i pol sedmica, Miki Rourke se našao u još jednoj erotskoj drami u kojoj mu je ovoga puta partnerica bila prelepa Karé Otis. Popularan krajem 80-tih, Rourke je bio gotovo zaboravljen u 90-ima jer se redovno pojavljivao u nizu vrlo prosečnih filmova da bi se "Sin Sitijem iz 2005. ponovno ugurao među najtraženije glumce Holivuda. Iz te perspektive još je zanimljivije videti Rourkea iz njegove prve popularne faze kada je zahvaljujući "9 i pol sedmica, "Anđeoskim srcem i "Divljom orhidejom bio vrlo traženi glumac.

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