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High Tail Hall 2 Gold Content 6


High Tail Hall 2 Gold Content 6

correlating measurement data to external data sources, such as monitoring systems, traffic tracking, or other kinds of data, is typically the most useful and simple form of aggregation. keep in mind that delivering reliable data from external sources is difficult and may require working with remote providers, who can be difficult to engage with. also be prepared for events that happen at higher frequency than your monitoring system, such as certain input or output events. for instance, say youre sending a series of events to an external system, then you record the response. when you receive a new request, you stop sending the series of events, but you dont immediately break the link between the two. in general, if your monitoring data isnt essential to your business, consider using an external provider, such as a haproxy load balancer, or even a prometheus [2]. however, other situations may warrant more direct integration with the monitoring system, such as when you want real-time updating of rate data or other data generated on a very fast timescale. sudden outages in api responses, for instance, might be impossible to reliably detect with a remote provider. you may instead want to integrate with your server stack. high tail hall 2 supports sending monitoring data to log files, redis [3], and even to the application metrics infrastructure, that is, the same api that you might use to get data about your services. this integration approach has many benefits, including real-time reporting.

webhook and integration patterns usually offer pretty good flexibility, but they create more work for developers. youre likely going to need to create, configure, and maintain systems to communicate with each of the many external systems, and these systems usually exist separately from your monitoring systems. should you want to enrich the data you collect from your monitoring system, you usually have to write additional software that links the two. 3d9ccd7d82


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