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Our Coaching Philosophy

If life is indeed a journey, as often suggested, then having a guide through its more challenging segments could be immensely beneficial. Imagine a companion seasoned in aiding many others in reaching their goals, someone who holds an unwavering belief in your capabilities.

At RSG, our coaching philosophy centers around fostering growth and embracing the boundless potential within each of us. A critical lesson we've discovered on this path is the significance of self-awareness. In fact, tennis icon Billie Jean King encapsulated this, stating that understanding oneself is the pivotal first step toward becoming a champion.

Consider the moment between an unforeseen life challenge and our reaction. Victor Frankl captured this, defining it as the space where we hold the power to choose our responses. Often, this moment may be fleeting, yet it's within this space that our autonomy lies, offering us the chance to evolve. Embracing empowered decisions is the essence of our being and the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy.

Throughout our coaching tenure, we've identified a common barrier to success: the inner critic. It's remarkable how swiftly self-doubt can emerge, plunging us into a turmoil of fight or flight, erasing our confidence in an instant. Pre-eminent leadership coach, Sir John Whitmore's insights on the value of awareness are particularly relevant, as he noted, "I am able to control only that of which I am aware. That of which I am unaware controls me. Awareness empowers me." This principle underpins our focus on cultivating self-awareness.

Our journey into this realm began years ago working with young athletes, leading us to devise a simple yet effective mantra: "Ready. Set. Go!" which is now taught to corporate athletes. This trio of words transcends its initial purpose, evolving into a framework for developing discipline and bolstering confidence. Here's the breakdown:

Ready: The stage of preparation, where awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and surroundings is established. It lays the foundation for all subsequent actions.

Set: A moment of focus, aligning our intentions with our actions, providing clarity before the leap.

Go: The action phase, driven by the discipline and confidence fostered through diligent preparation and focus.

Our methodology isn't just a set of steps; it's a life philosophy. It ignites self-awareness, enabling us to make deliberate choices and pursue our objectives. It embodies empowerment, teaching not only future generations but everyone how to access their innate strength. Through self-awareness, we open the gateway to our freedom, selecting our paths and crafting our destinies.

In essence, our philosophy celebrates the belief in human potential, the pursuit of self-awareness, and the empowerment of oneself and others to make mindful choices. It's about preparing to face whatever lies ahead, aiming for our aspirations, and advancing with the confidence and discipline we've nurtured.

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