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Fall 2024: Resilient Leadership (6)

This secures your spot for our fall cohort, Resilient Leadership and 6-weeks of 1:1 coaching. After registering we will email you to set-up an initial 30-min call to discuss the course, your specific coaching needs and answer any questions.


12-week group sessions plus 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching =  $2950

12-week group sessions plus 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching =  $1950

12-week group sessions only = $550 


This cohort will bring together leaders from diverse industries around the country. The training consists of twelve 90-minute group sessions (via Zoom) every Tuesday starting September 10th, with weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, applying the course content within the context of their role.


September 2024 Cohort Details:

Start Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2024

End Date: Tuesday, November 26th, 2024

Time: 7:00am-8:30m (MST)

Coaching Calls: Each participant will schedule based on their needs


Pricing includes the following:

  • Pre/Post Participant Assessments

  • Weekly group session (90-min) via Zoom (learning, discussions, experiential exercises)

  • Weekly “homework” (45-min) (pre-reading/viewing, assessment, reflection)

  • Optional 1:1 Coaching (45-min)

  • Certificate of Completion


**Total Time Commitment: 3 hours/week. This workshop is highly experiential and requests a commitment for full participation. 



Week 1: Introduction to Resilient Leadership

  • Overview of program objectives 

  • Understanding the holistic approach to leadership development

  • Aligning coaching with organizational goals and values


Week 2: Coaching from the Inside Out (Attention and Stress)

  • Exploring the impact of attention on leadership effectiveness

  • Emphasizing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques

  • Integrating resilience practices into daily leadership routines


Week 3: Developing a Resilient Mindset: Part 1 (Stories and Memory)

  • Understanding the role of personal narratives in leadership

  • Leveraging behavioral psychology for mindset development

  • Incorporating storytelling into effective leadership communication


Week 4: Developing the Resilient Mindset: Part Two (Your Inner Coach and Self-Compassion)

  • Cultivating self-compassion as a leadership skill

  • Building an inner coaching framework for personal growth

  • Strategies for maintaining resilience during challenging times


Week 5: Giving and Receiving Feedback (Responding vs. Reacting)

  • Techniques for providing constructive feedback

  • Developing a responsive learning style

  • Navigating challenges in communication for effective teamwork/coaching


Week 6: Creating a Winning Environment (Psychological Safety and Listening)

  • Establishing psychological safety in the workplace

  • Active listening skills for building trust and understanding

  • Strategies for fostering a positive and high-performing work environment


Week 7: Coaching (Tactical and Strategic)

  • Distinguishing between tactical and strategic coaching approaches

  • Aligning coaching methods with organizational objectives

  • Case studies and practical applications of coaching strategies


Week 8: Driving Engagement (Cost of Disengagement, Skill vs. Will, and Burnout)

  • Understanding the impact of disengagement on organizational performance

  • Assessing and addressing skill and will imbalances in teams

  • Strategies for preventing and managing burnout through coaching


Week 9: Value Creation (Strengths Finding and Core Settings, Tactical and Strategic Alignment)

  • Identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths

  • Aligning individual goals with strategic organizational objectives

  • Tactical and strategic approaches to enhancing employee contribution


Week 10: Accountability and Mindful Goal-Setting

  • Integrating mindfulness practices into goal-setting

  • Fostering accountability for holistic personal and professional development

  • Measurement of performance and development through a personalized approach


Week 11: Coaching for Optimal Performance (Priming for Flow)

  • Exploring the concept of flow in leadership

  • Strategies for priming leaders and teams for optimal performance

  • Applying mindfulness-based techniques for enhanced decision-making


Week 12: Cohort Wrap-Up

  • Reviewing key learnings and insights from the program

  • Create personalized plans for ongoing development

  • Celebrating achievements and setting the stage for continued growth in resilient leadership

Fall 2024: Resilient Leadership (6)

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