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Resilient Leadership: Summer 2024

This will reserve your spot for our upcoming June cohort, Resilient Leadership. After registering we will email you to set-up an initial 30-min call to discuss the course, your specific needs and answer any questions. The participant cost is $3,600.


This specific cohort is designed to bring together leaders from diverse industries. For the last few years we have curated incredible groups of leaders from across the country for these open cohorts and we're even more excited for this year's group!


The training consists of twelve 90-minute group sessions (via Zoom) every Tuesday starting June 4th,  and weekly 1:1 executive coaching sessions, applying the course content through application.


June 2024 Open Cohort Details:

Start Date: Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 

End Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 2024 (every Tuesday, except the week of July 1st)

Time: 7:00am-8:30m (MST)

Coaching Calls: Each participant will schedule based on their needs


Pricing includes the following:

  • Pre/Post Participant Assessments

  • Weekly group session (90-min) via Zoom (learning, discussions, experiential exercises)

  • Weekly “homework” (45-min) (pre-reading/viewing, assessment, reflection)

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching (45-min)

  • Certificate of Completion


**Total Time Commitment: 3 hours/week. This workshop is highly experiential and requests a commitment for full participation. 



Week 1: Introduction to Resilient Leadership

  • Overview of program objectives 

  • Understanding the holistic approach to leadership development

  • Aligning coaching with organizational goals and values


Week 2: Coaching from the Inside Out (Attention and Stress)

  • Exploring the impact of attention on leadership effectiveness

  • Emphasizing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques

  • Integrating resilience practices into daily leadership routines


Week 3: Developing a Resilient Mindset: Part 1 (Stories and Memory)

  • Understanding the role of personal narratives in leadership

  • Leveraging behavioral psychology for mindset development

  • Incorporating storytelling into effective leadership communication


Week 4: Developing the Resilient Mindset: Part Two (Your Inner Coach and Self-Compassion)

  • Cultivating self-compassion as a leadership skill

  • Building an inner coaching framework for personal growth

  • Strategies for maintaining resilience during challenging times


Week 5: Giving and Receiving Feedback (Responding vs. Reacting)

  • Techniques for providing constructive feedback

  • Developing a responsive learning style

  • Navigating challenges in communication for effective teamwork/coaching


Week 6: Creating a Winning Environment (Psychological Safety and Listening)

  • Establishing psychological safety in the workplace

  • Active listening skills for building trust and understanding

  • Strategies for fostering a positive and high-performing work environment


Week 7: Coaching (Tactical and Strategic)

  • Distinguishing between tactical and strategic coaching approaches

  • Aligning coaching methods with organizational objectives

  • Case studies and practical applications of coaching strategies


Week 8: Driving Engagement (Cost of Disengagement, Skill vs. Will, and Burnout)

  • Understanding the impact of disengagement on organizational performance

  • Assessing and addressing skill and will imbalances in teams

  • Strategies for preventing and managing burnout through coaching


Week 9: Value Creation (Strengths Finding and Core Settings, Tactical and Strategic Alignment)

  • Identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths

  • Aligning individual goals with strategic organizational objectives

  • Tactical and strategic approaches to enhancing employee contribution


Week 10: Accountability and Mindful Goal-Setting

  • Integrating mindfulness practices into goal-setting

  • Fostering accountability for holistic personal and professional development

  • Measurement of performance and development through a personalized approach


Week 11: Coaching for Optimal Performance (Priming for Flow)

  • Exploring the concept of flow in leadership

  • Strategies for priming leaders and teams for optimal performance

  • Applying mindfulness-based techniques for enhanced decision-making


Week 12: Cohort Wrap-Up

  • Reviewing key learnings and insights from the program

  • Create personalized plans for ongoing development

  • Celebrating achievements and setting the stage for continued growth in resilient leadership

Resilient Leadership: Summer 2024

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