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Our flagship corporate coaching program is for businesses that want/need their organizational culture to evolve. Each engagement is a customized corporate solution designed to Turn your Leaders into Coaches

Not only will businesses realize an increase in productivity, fulfillment, focus and margin, this kind of organizational development will increase employee connectedness and retention.

An extensive inquiry done by Gallup (State of the American Manager) concluded that 1) nothing works in the absence of great managers; 2) millennials are the largest generation in the workforce and for them, purpose will trump paycheck; 3) employees want career development and self improvement - not pingpong tables and free lunches; 4) maximizing potential begins with understanding strengths - not fixing weaknesses; 5) culture changes when bosses become coaches.

Great coaches are emotionally intelligent and self aware. They are more focused and less reactive, giving them an edge in competition because they create a thriving environment where everyone on the team feels included and safe enough to speak up. Leaders who get this right are better positioned to identify and understand underlying patterns of behavior that are at the root of the results they’re seeing in their business unit. Great coaches also have the awareness to notice and navigate the distinctions between fear and excitement. They know how to approach a team with compassion and wisdom, have difficult conversations, design smart compensation plans, manage performance-related issues, set up processes that leverage or free up talent and resources for smarter work, and build or acquire systems and tools that make work more effective.

Our 12-week program combines weekly group trainings, individual assignments, and weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

When leaders are equipped with the foundational methods and tools of this coaching program, and taught how to use them within the context of their team environment, they will maximize their potential to thrive in highly competitive markets. 

Key Objectives
1) Cultivate healthy and safe relationships based on trust and respect within the organization. 2) Understand workforce resilience and mental fitness within the context of their business. 3) Demonstrate performance-based practices​ that unify the team around a culture of resilience, focus and team flow. 4) Articulate and develop team language around the foundational attitudes of mindful performance. 5) Apply performance coaching skills across the organization (Action & Integration).


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We also offer customizable performance workshops in 2.5 day formats. These intensives are highly experiential and deeply impactful. Explore the culture of performance within your organization, to achieve optimal performance.  

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Combining the art and science of optimal performance.

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