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RSG Performance is a consulting firm that specializes in organizational performance. Our work is rooted in the psychology of human behavior and optimal performance. We help companies identify and modify behaviors that foster healthy, high-performing work-environments.

We develop emotionally intelligent and self aware leaders; More focused and less reactive, giving them an edge in competition because they create a thriving environment where everyone on the team feels included and safe enough to speak up.

Our objective is to teach your leadership how to cultivate healthy and safe relationships based on trust and respect within your organization, and to better understand workforce resilience and mental fitness within the context of their business. We also teach them how to actively demonstrate performance-based practices​ that unify the team around a culture of resilience, focus and team flow, and to articulate and develop team language around the foundational attitudes of mindful performance. Most important, we teach them to apply these performance coaching skills across the organization (Action & Integration).

We use the science of mindfulness to increase organizational flow.


Mindfulness and how the brain works

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