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Patternmaker Professional Studio Full 271

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Patternmaker Professional Studio Full 271

This is a select in-person studio class that focuses on an exploration of dramaturgy and scene work stemming from a variety of styles and sensibilities. A smaller class size allows each student ample opportunity to collaborate with volunteer acting students to create fully articulated presentations.

As the professionals were built with sewing in mind, we try to produce and stock as many sizes as possible. For instance, our professional female forms currently have up to 13 sizes (0-24) and our male professional forms have six (34-44). The child forms are available in unisex sizes from 6 months through 6 years, from girls in sizes 8 years through 18 years and boys in sizes 8 years through 18 years. The measurements for the different sizes are all found on the specific form's product page. All of our models share the same measurements (i.e. the half body female professional form in the size 6 shares the same measurements as the 3/4 body and full body female professional forms in the same size 6).

FACULTY The Department of Art and Design includes 10 full-time faculty, all of whom hold the highest degrees in their field and are practicing designers, artists, and scholars. All five full-time studio art faculty are engaged in teaching classes from the introductory to advanced levels.

Printmaking (B.A./B.F.A.) The printmaking emphasis develops technical abilities as well as creative methods for the visual articulation of individual concepts and emotions. A full range of relief, intaglio, and lithographic techniques are taught on all levels in a spacious, well-equipped and efficiently organized studio. Students learn the skillful use of numerous essential printmaking tools, materials, and processes and acquire an understanding of their characteristics and appropriateness to varying image-making demands. The development of clarity of vision, purpose, and self-direction is supported by discussions and critical analyses in both group and individual contexts. 153554b96e


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