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Mahmood Kapustin

Secret Hatch | Infinite Coins

Limited edition pets and eggs are just one part of what makes Pet Simulator X go 'round, but it's quite a big part to say the least! In some cases, these eggs and pets are added with holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas; in others, they're added with a weekly or monthly update and removed soon after. The secret Dojo Egg was added with March 2023's Hologram update and is still in game at the time of this article's publication, so if you're wanting to hatch it, continue reading below to find out how.

Secret Hatch | Infinite Coins

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No Mario game could be complete without its share of secrets. Secrets in this game range from Secret Exits to hidden paths, unlockable areas, unlockable characters, infinite lives, free items and more! Know of a secret that we don't? Share it here! 041b061a72


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