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Avril Lavigne Half Full [320kbps] Mp3

Right-click for direct download: 71MB mp3 Listen: Sixx Mixx 103 - 10/07/2005 - George Bush Doesn't Care About the Sixx Mixx Edition 1. The Legendary K.O. - George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People 2. ??? vs Green Day - American Idiot 3. Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It 4. U2 - All I Want is You 5. Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon 6. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box 7. Naughty By Nature - O.P.P. 8. Fatboy Slim vs. Jackson 5 - ABCWOC (Dunproofin mashup) 9. AC/DC vs. Missy Elliott - Lose Control All Night (CRFTP mashup) 10. The Lovemakers vs. Trans-X - Lovemakers on Video (Matt Hite mash-up) 11. Franz Ferdinand - Do Ya Want To (Max Tundra remix) 12. Van Halen vs. Killers - Mr. Jumpside (Party Ben mashup) 13. RX- White Lines Commentary: Katrina! Bush! Kanye! It's instructional to remember the heady days of late 2005, when the anti-Bush drumbeat turned deafening (and the context in which Team9 and myself were working on American Edit) to fully understand how thrilling it was to me to discover that Gold Digger and American Idiot were in the same key. (The Legendary K.O. had released his brilliant take just a few weeks earlier). That idea was pretty much my only contribution, from what I remember, to the first track from our little Dean Gray album, and I still look at Team9's work here in complete awe. His rollicking take on Idiot veers between glitch-hop, electro-metal and acid house, swirling with samples and references, and I just think it's really stupendous. Opening with these two "important" works seems to set a tone of, ahem, gravitas, for the rest of the episode, with the combo of Talk Talk and U2 appropriately somber, and Super Bon Bon with Heart Shaped Box aggressive and outraged. The second half suffers from, well, being the same stuff I always play, but we end with an RX debut, smartly bracketing the show with George W references. This "White Lines" thing is almost incomprehensibly speedy, and I'm still sort of dumbfounded by how he was making this stuff so far ahead of his time. This episode of course doesn't hold a candle to Episode 62, the Election 2004 edition, which married politically aware tunes from various eras into a half hour show I'm still proud of today (despite its turn from the usual Sixx Mixx insistence on musical connections above conceptual ones). But Episode 103 is still something, reflective of the crazy, angry times, and also, a teaser of the yet-to-be-released American Edit. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 7/10

Avril Lavigne Half Full [320kbps] mp3

Download: 71MB 320kbps mp3 Sixx Mixx 51 - 7/23/04 - Off To Never Never Land Edition 1. Faithless - Mass Destruction (Party Ben Weapons Remix) 2. Outkast - Hey Ya (Instrumental) 3. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out 4. Sean Paul - Gimme The Light (a capella) 5. Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble (a capella) 6. Lyrics Born - Callin' Out (a capella) 7. Moby - Porcelain 8. Blondie vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders (Go Home Productions Bootleg) 9. Cypress Hill vs. Missy Elliott - Pass That Insane Dutch (DJ Dubz Bootleg) 10. Nirvana - Rape Me 11. EMF - Unbelievable 12. Rinesout Brothers - Unbelievable (Lionel Vinyl Remix) 13. White Stripes - 7 Nation Army (Slide Bootleg Mix) 14. Metallica - Enter Sandman (Who Are _ _ _ Remix) 15. The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (Big Bad Baz Remix) 16. Kylie Minogue vs. Ludacris - Can't Get You Out Of My Fantasy (Unknown Bootleg) 17. Travis Morrison - What's Your Fantasy Commentary: It's hard now to really remember how dark things were in the summer of 2004, in terms of politics/war/etc. The Iraq War had metastasized into a full-fledged seemingly intractable insurgency with no end in sight. Abu Ghraib had just come to light, appearing to confirm in gruesome detail that the entire war was some sort of horrific Milgram experiment in torture and dehumanization. And in response, the Bush administration shamelessly sputtered out lie after lie, like a desperate child caught breaking a rule, except with a vocabulary that increasingly took on sickening wafts of Orwellian doublespeak. I know that for me at the time, layering Bush's speeches over this majestic Faithless song felt cathartic and important and urgent. I think that's partially why I never settled on one "version" of the track idea, continually shifting elements around and rearranging the clips every time I included it, as it never felt like I ever quite achieved what the moment demanded. Excavating which version is which and which is the best could take a lifetime, so let's just say another version opens Sixx Mixx 51, and it's okay. Moving along, the stretch through EMF nearly matches Sixx Mixx 49 as a fast-paced hip-hop-tempo set, even if it uses some of the same old elements. Of course, 7 Nation Army has to make another appearance (at the end of this project I'll be counting up tracks to see what the most played songs were over the course of the show, but let me just say that this is the 14th episode in which 7 Nation Army appears in some form or another). It's almost excused by the inclusion of the Metallica remix, which layers perfectly over the White Stripes. After that things sort of fall apart and get super sloppy but at least in a kind of funny way, ending on Travis Morrison's silly cover of Ludacris. All in all, an entertaining show. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 7/10

SIXX MIXX 048 - 7/02/2004 Right-click for direct download: 69MB 320kbps mp3 Sixx Mixx 48 - 7/02/04 - Evildoers Edition 1. Faithless - "Mass Destruction" (Party Ben's George W. Bush Edit) 2. Berlin - "The Metro" 3. Von Bondies vs. Fatboy Slim vs. Princess Superstar vs. Simian - "C'mon F*** Me" (DJ Zebra Bootleg) 4. Bumblebeez 81 - "Pony Ride" 5. Foo Fighters - "All My Life" (TDPZ Bootleg Mix) 6. Soulsonic Force vs Beastie Boys - "Ch-Check Out The Rock" (Party Ben Bootleg) 7. Luke Chable vs. Linkin Park - "Somewhere In Melburn" (Party Ben Bootleg) 8. Rodeohead - "Radiohead Medley" Commentary: I'd just like to remind everyone that during this time of Sixx Mixxez, I also had the most time-consuming actual job of my life at good old LIVE 105. As the station's imaging director, I was in charge of say, writing and producing 100 different biographical intros which aired in front of songs during a "Top 100 American Artists" weekend countdown, which would take days and days. I can't remember exactly if that was going on this week, but my real work easily took up 70-80 hours a week on a regular basis, so a show like this one, where I sort of lift 10 minutes from a previous episode and tack a few new things on, I plead with you to forgive, because sometimes I was just too busy to do much more. I always said, at least it's better than a repeat. So, as such, here we have an early and not so great prototype of my various George W Bush mixes of "Mass Destruction," although I made about 27 different versions of it and have no idea which one is actually the best. Bunch of stuff we've already heard before and then the majestic, stupendous Rodeohead medley which still blows my mind and deserves to get the full 5 minutes of airplay it got but that doesn't exactly make this a "good" "show" in retrospect. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 3/10

SIXX MIXX 047 - 6/25/2004 Right-click for direct download: 68MB 320kbps mp3 Sixx Mixx 47 - 6/25/04 - Totally Not Gay Edition 1. Prodigy - "Girls" 2. Beastie Boys - "Ch-Check It Out" (Party Ben Old Skool Mix) 3. Nirvana - "Lithium" (Dirty Funker Mix) 4. The Clash - "Rock The Casbah" 5. The Romantics - "Talking In Your Sleep" 6. The White Stripes - "7 Nation Army" (Slide Bootleg Mix) 7. The Hives - "Idiot Walk" (Bigbadbaz Mix) (Party Ben redo vs. Chemical Brothers "Morning Lemon") 8. Fatboy Slim - "Going Out Of My Head" 9. The Who - "I Can't Explain" 10. Franz Ferdinand vs. DJ Zebra - "Take Me Out Saturday Night" 11. Billy Squire vs Lil' Kim & 50 Cent - "Magic Stroke" (Inhumanz Bootleg) 12. The Muppets vs Electric 6 - "Gay Muppet Bar" (Philmanns Bootleg) Commentary: A bit of an inconsistent show, with some lazy mixing (especially in the first 10 minutes) but a couple really nice moments and big "first plays." The track record of my Sixx Mixx debuts of new music was kind of mixed -- while Lyrics Born's "Callin' Out" went on to be a #1 hit on LIVE 105 after my "discovery" and first play of it on the Sixx Mixx, other big splashy debuts went nowhere. Like, Dizzee Rascal didn't really catch on in the US, and here, while I still kind of like the quirky Think White Duke energy of The Prodigy's "Girls," it didn't exactly turn out to be a "Firestarter." Anyway, then we get another full-length replay of my now-painful-to-my-ears version of "Ch-Check It Out," but things start looking up after that. It's the first play of Dirty Funker's smashing mix of "Lithium," and a really fun rock segment blending the Clash all the way through The Who. I enjoy the (admittedly obvious) Fatboy Slim/Who combo enough that I wonder why I never made a full-length version and put it up as a single? Happened a lot I guess. Then three more big debuts: Zebra's toweringly great rework of "Take Me Out" with original vocals, which went on to get played on the show about every other week; Inhumanz straightforward but catchy "Magic Stroke," establishing the rock/hip hop style that would soon find such mainstream success; and then, perfectly timed for San Francisco's Gay Pride weekend, one of the most popular and requested tracks from the history of the whole Sixx Mixx era: Phillmanns' stupendous and hilarious "Gay Muppet Bar." If it wasn't for a little bit of slow mixing I think this show would deserve a higher rating, and the center section points towards the possitilibies explored in Sixx Mixx 49. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/10 041b061a72


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