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Samsung Printer Driver For Mac Os X

There is a Samsung Printer Drivers v2.6 for OS X package download from Apple. A Samsung SCX-4623 Series version 1.08.01 driver is listed in the referenced article Printer and scanner drivers for Mac - Apple Support. However, the installation may not work with macOS 13 Ventura (see also the discussion Samsung ML-1860 and latest MacOS - Apple Community about an earlier workaround for another model).

Samsung Printer Driver For Mac Os X


It would appear the drivers were last updated by HP for High Sierra. They are over 5 years out of date. If the printer supports Airplay, you might be able to hold the Option key to add the printer, if it was connected via WiFi. If the printer is connected via USB, hold the Option key to add the drivers anyway. The HP 123 software on the App Store may also work.

If neither works, check to see if has updated drivers for the Mac for that printer. You can also inquire HP support if that printer is modeled after another common printing engine, which you may have drivers for.

I'm surprised you actually managed to find one - that thing's ancient! The last supported version of MacOS (more accurately Mac OSX) was Lion (10.7), which was released 10.5 years ago. Samsung's printer division was acquired by HP in September 2016, and it promptly discontinued support for all Samsung-badged printers (most of which were obsolete by that point, anyway).

Thanks for posting, my Samsung ml 1660 series printer also wasn't listed, but after choosing the ML2010 in the model list, my printer also works now on my M1 iMac with macOS Monterey! According to any pictures I could find from the ml2010 it is almost exactly the same model as the ml1660 only the color is different.

Also, if a printer is set up twice with different drivers it doesn't work with any of them. So you should only have one printer in Settings > Printers (per each device). You can have both driver packs installed on your system, though.

Does anyone know how to install a Samsung CLP-320 printer on a MBP running Monterey? The Samsung printer drivers don't seem to work for Monterey and the Universal version doesn't work for the CLP-320.

However, I know it can work as I have a MBP 2015 updated to Monterey and the printer works fine. I have had this machine a while so when the drivers were installed it would have been on an earlier macOS version.

It says Post Date: Nov 14, 2013, but the download address seems to indicate some kind of change during 2019 ( A Samsung CLP-320 Series version 1.07.01 driver is mentioned in Printer and scanner drivers for Mac - Apple Support. Normally, one would not expect the download in question to work with macOS Catalina and later, but you never know. Have you tested this?

Thank you for the information. Actual drivers inside a package may or may not work with a modern operating system, but one problem can also be the installer itself and its system version detection. Unfortunately, a mere transfer of printer driver components from one machine to another is often not feasible.

It is really not acceptable that a printer is prevented from working with a new computer just because of the way the operating system was installed, especially not when the same printer could be used with an earlier computer model running the same operating system version. It ought to be possible for a computer manufacturer controlling the operating system to facilitate continued use of existing printers. Not all printers are AirPrint-models. A computer buyer cannot be expected to throw away older, functional printers.

Do you have access to an older PC? If so, you could try to download and install an appropriate (free) Desktop version of Ubuntu on that machine, in order to make it a print server. There are Samsung CLP-320 drivers for Linux (Ubuntu) from HP. Ubuntu is using CUPS. A printer (such as the CLP-320) could be connected to a USB port on the Ubuntu PC. Then this printer could be configured to be shared (only a few steps). An Ubuntu PC can handle Bonjour (mDNS/Avahi), and a shared printer should thus be recognised by Mac computers on a network. Connect the Ubuntu PC via Ethernet to the network (one of the LAN ports of a Wi-Fi router) and try to print from the new Mac. Would this work?

You could also try to set up USB printer sharing on a Mac running an older version of Mac OS X/OS X/macOS, and connect that computer to the network (if possible, via Ethernet to one of the LAN ports of the Wi-Fi router). Then check what happens if you try to print via the network from the macOS Monterey Mac (check whether the printer appears as a Bonjour printer in the Print dialogue).

I have a Samsung CLX-3185FN (part of the CLX-3180 Series) printer. It was working fine on my MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur 11.6.4, which has been upgraded over several years through successive macOS versions.

I have another, older Mac running Catalina. I tried navigating to /Library/Printers, copying both the PPDs and Samsung folders from there to my MacBook Pro, resetting the Printing System from System Preferences, and then adding the printer.

Now, the driver is found by macOS - but I get an error upon adding the printer that tells me "The software for the printer was installed incorrectly", which persists regardless of whether I re-run a reset of the printing system or a First Aid in Disk Utility to fix permissions.

It is ridiculous that this printer worked perfectly fine on Big Sur before I wiped the hard disk, it works perfectly fine on Catalina currently, it works fine under Windows... but not on a fresh install of macOS Big Sur.

I just bought a brand new iMac operating with Mac OS XI Big Sur... As I already had a good working Samsung color laser printer C410 Serie, I wanted to connect it to my computer, but I can't find a proper driver to make it work. The one proposed on the HP site comes with an .exe file, that doesn't work with Mac OS... I've been searching for weeks and getting quite desperate !

First download the following driver v2.6: just add the Samsung M2020 driver manually.Computer-System Preferences-Printers and Scanners: click on the + sign, click on the printer under the name, select other software in use, search for Samsung M2020 series and add it.Then test printing with that configuration, thank you.

I tryed this, but it won't work. When I click on the program to install the driver I get the message "this volume doesn't fit the requested for this update" (translated from : Ce volume ne remplit pas les conditions requises pour cette mise à jour.)

Samsung-GDI is an open-source printer driver for Ghostscript supporting 26 Samsung-GDI printers. On Mac OS X Jaguar and later, printing with Samsung-GDI requires Foomatic-RIP (a CUPS filter script) and Ghostscript (an open-source PostScript interpreter), and a foomatic PPD for each supported printer.Installation Notes

Samsung Printer Software Installer Mac OS If you own a Samsung printer, you'll want to ensure that you have the latest software installed on your Mac to ensure optimal printing performance. Fortunately, installing the Samsung printer software on your Mac is easy, and there are several different ways to do it.

Currently, not all printers have drivers suitable for use with macOS Monterey due to the operating system being new. However, most printer manufacturers have compiled some information on printers with driver support.

Please note: Apple no longer provides support for printer driver updates through Apple Software Update (ASU) for most printer manufacturers anymore. You will either find these drivers directly from the printer manufacturers websites or use the Apple AirPrint feature if available on your printer.

The ideal solution though would be full feature printer driver support, rather than just the basic features in AirPrint. This may come over time, but we recommend checking for printer driver availability through the respective manufacturers.

macOS Monterey is incompatible with any 32-bit applications. Anything designed for this now would be 64-bit.If you could let me know which printer model you have I could check the drivers for you. Alternatively, it should be compatible via Apple Airprint.

Go to Canon Official Website, and =type, Search BY Product Type, Select Printing Device > laser printer > Select Product and Download Driver for your Canon Printer. Follow this tutorial for Canon LBP2900B Printer Not Working.

To find Another company Printer Driver, Follow the same step, Do google with the name of the printer company. and see the Download Driver option, If you need more help to find the printer driver, then share with us in below comment section.

As per company guidelines, Konica Minolta Printer Driver for MacOS Mojave is also compatible with the macOS Big Sur. Download the Konica Minolta Driver from UK Website that is compatible with all intel mac models, Luckily, This Driver Is working on M1 Macs. Konica Minolta US website is not updated with the latest Driver, So you can also find your Printer driver from Australia Website.


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