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Known as the capital of extreme sports, Chamonix was bound to be in this list! The resort, which sits at the foot of the Mont Blanc hosts a broad range of different sports throughout the summer and winter, and of course parapenting is one of these! There are a huge number of companies that offer parapenting in the resort such as Les Ailes du Mont Blanc and Absolute Chamonix.


Tours leave from Puerto Lopez at approximately 10 am and will bring you South to the parapenting area along the coast. Flights last for approximately 20 minutes. You will be able to take flight and glide down to your destination on a tandem with a paragliding instructor. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Tourism (and the economy in general) is very much geared towards Skiing, snowboarding, and other Winter sports throughout most of the Alps. In ski resorts, despite a new focus on summer time activities such as hiking or golf, some of the hotels and other facilities may close. This increase in summer time sports such as mountain biking, golf, parapenting, or whitewater kayaking is now fueling the growth of the alps as a year round tourist destination. The Alps have always been popular as a mountaineering and hiking destination, but clearly this is nowhere near as lucrative for the locals as the tourist invasion during the winter season is.


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