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[S7E20] Survey Says ...

Nechayev explains that the Federation has completed 3-year-long negotiations on the Cardassian border, and shows Picard the new trace of the border. He notices how some Federation colonies become placed in Cardassian territory and vice-versa. The Admiral says these colonies will have to be relocated. Specifically, she tasks Picard to evacuate a colony of American Indians who settled on Dorvan V twenty years ago. Picard reminds her that these people were already forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands centuries ago. Then they left Earth 200 years ago in order to preserve their cultural identity, and it was not until twenty years ago when they finally found a planet to settle. The Admiral says she is aware and raised objections to the Federation Council unsuccessfully. She says those people were originally warned about their settlement and agreed to the risk. Ultimately, it is a reasonable price to pay for peace. Nechayev gets up to leave and tells Picard that she does not envy the task he has ahead but she does believe it serves the greater good. She thanks him for making her feel welcome on board.

[S7E20] Survey Says ...

Later that night, the Native American leaders attend the reception in Ten Forward. Anthwara and Picard talk about the tense situation concerning the people on Dorvan V. Anthwara talks about his ancestors and says that their spirits still guide him and his people, including his grandfather, Katowa, who was the first person to lead the tribe to Dorvan V over two hundred years ago. Anthwara says that there was opposition to the move, but when his grandfather made the decision, it was final. Anthwara changes the subject and asks Picard about his family, which Picard knows a great deal about. Anthwara wants to know more about Picard, as he believes it is a good thing to know about one's adversary in any negotiation. Picard hopes that by the end of this matter, Anthwara will no longer look upon him as an adversary. Picard then starts telling Anthwara about his family history.

Shortly after, Wesley comes in and apologizes to his mother for being late and sits down. One of the Native Americans, Lakanta, approaches him. He tells Wesley that he knew that he would come to Dorvan V two years ago when he saw Wesley in a vision he had in the Habak, a colony meditation chamber for vision quests. Wesley says he doesn't understand, but Lakanta interjects that Wesley has come to them in order to find the answers he seeks.

After the party, Beverly asks Picard for help with Wesley. She says his grades are dropping and that he is defensive with everyone. If he continues on that path, he will end up being dropped out of his Starfleet class, according to Admiral Brand. Picard thinks, though, that Wesley is not willing to get help from them, and that pushing him would only make him move further away. Picard tells Beverly that Wesley has to work this out for himself.

In the meantime, negotiations continue about the inhabitants on the planet. Picard is still bound by his orders and the treaty. Anthwara ignores this and simply states he knows Picard won't take them from the planet. Not believing in coincidences, he says that they didn't know initially why Picard specifically was sent to the planet until last night when Picard was telling him about his family's history. Anthwara says he has found the answer and asks if Picard knows about the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, when the native tribes revolted against the Spanish when they tried to gain control of the land. Troi knew the incident, but Picard wasn't familiar. Ten years later, the Spanish came back, and brutally displaced the natives. He says one of the soldiers was Javier Maribona Picard, one of Picard's ancestors. Picard wasn't aware of the incident or the soldier, but doesn't think it has any bearing on the present situation. Anthwara believes Picard is there to erase the stain of blood worn by Picard's family for 23 generations. With this revelation, he leaves.

Picard moves forward and talks to Gul Evek, who says that the evacuation should be underway by now. Taking him aside, Picard does not understand why Cardassians are on the planet six weeks early and asks Gul Evek what they are doing there. He replies that they are doing a survey of the buildings left over. Picard warns them that any harm done to the colonists while they are still under the jurisdiction of the Federation means that Picard would have to respond accordingly. Picard then returns to the ship and asks Admiral Nechayev to request an emergency session of the Federation Council to reopen the issue of relocation for the tribe. She replies that she had already asked two days prior, but that Starfleet declined the request. Picard then asks Worf to make preparations to remove the inhabitants of Dorvan V. He reflects with Riker on the possibility of a dark chapter in his family history he may be about to repeat.

Meanwhile, Wesley, somewhere in a building, goes with Lakanta to the Habak. Lakanta says strangers are not allowed there, but Wesley is not a stranger because Lakanta saw him in his original vision quest. Wesley asks him what he should do. Lakanta tells Wesley to start a fire for his journey because while Lakanta can "open the door, only he [Wesley] can go through it". After some time while Lakanta guides Wesley on a spirit quest, Wesley finds that Lakanta has suddenly disappeared, and slowly he realizes he is seeing the spirit of his late father, Jack R. Crusher, standing on the other side of the fire. His father congratulates Wesley on his travels and for having come this far since he died, but he also tells Wesley that he should not follow his path, the path of a Starfleet officer, any longer. Wesley needed to begin a new path that was genuinely his own. The vision at first startles Wesley, but he soon thereafter gains clarity from it.

On the planet's surface, a fight breaks out and a phaser is fired at a Cardassian. As Wesley watches, he tries to stop it and suddenly, all movement stops. A phaser beam is fired halfway through the air but hasn't reached its intended target yet. Wesley's guide, Lakanta, reveals himself as the Traveler, with whom Wesley had last had contact with years ago. Wesley, it turns out, can travel to a different plane in time and existence. The Traveler tells Wesley that he has evolved to a new level, ready to take the first step on a journey that few Humans will ever experience. The Traveler will be Wesley's guide if he wishes. Wesley asks about the colonists, but the Traveler says they have to find their own destinies and that he must trust that they will do that. The Traveler tells Wesley that it is not their place to interfere and asks him to have faith in their abilities to solve their problems on their own. They step back into regular time, and the phaser strikes the Cardassian as the fight continues.

The colonists, still insistent on staying on the planet, decide to forgo Federation citizenship and remain on the planet under the Cardassians' control. Picard confirms with them that they understand that this means they will not be eligible for assistance from the Federation or Starfleet in case of problems, which they accept. Gul Evek then indicates that, while he can't guarantee every Cardassian encounter will respect it, most should be willing to leave the colony in peace so long as they do not interfere in their affairs. Picard says he will send a report to Starfleet, and that he hopes they will accept the deal as it would have the support of Admiral Nachayev. After Evek leaves, Anthwara tells Picard he has indeed wiped clean the stain of his ancestor's actions.

Wesley prepares to leave his mother and Picard in the transporter room. He'll explore the universe with the Traveler and says his studies will begin with the people on Dorvan V, because the Traveler says they "are aware of many things" of which he can learn a lot. His mother reminds him to "dress warmly on those other planes of existence" and they both smile. Wesley thanks Picard and he beams off of the Enterprise-D for the last time. Picard comforts his mother as they both walk out of the transporter room.

Worf and Ezri Dax return to Deep Space 9 after their imprisonment by the Breen and Dominion. At the airlock, they are greeted by Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir, who express their happiness that Worf and Dax are safe. Captain Sisko arrives, and is willing to overlook Dax disobeying orders and losing the runabout USS Gander as he'd like to know as much as possible about the Dominion's new alliance with the Breen. Ezri says that Damar hates Weyoun and sees the Breen as Cardassia's replacement ally. Worf says that the Dominion is treating the proud Cardassians as second-class citizens. Kira notifies Sisko of a priority one message from Starfleet: the Breen have attacked Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, California, Earth.

Sisko brings flowers to his wife and tells her she's back on the active list. They reconcile, only to hear more bad news, this time from Admiral Ross, who says that the Breen have broken through the Federation lines at Chin'toka, which is the only Federation foothold in Dominion space. "When do I leave?", Sisko asks the admiral.

Aboard Deep Space 9, Sisko and Admiral Ross commiserate the loss of the Defiant, Sisko calling it the best ship he ever commanded. It may take a while, but Ross promises to provide Sisko with another ship eventually, but first, they need to buy some time in order to work out a countermeasure to the Breen weapon. Ross grimly says that time is the one thing they do not have: if the Dominion launches another offensive soon, they will be unable to halt it.

Clark Kent answers his door to find Lois eager to see him. She explains that since Chloe was fired, a spot has opened up in the bullpen. She gives him an application and says she thinks he is destined for greater things than working on a farm. Clark points out that he would never work for Lex and Lois asks why they were ever such great friends. Clark just says that sometimes people don't turn out the way you think they will. He warns Lois to be careful working for Lex. Chloe arrives and asks to talk to Clark in private. Lois exits and Chloe informs Clark that Teague has just died in a plane crash. 041b061a72


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