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The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis And Engineering Of Human Behavior Downloads Torrent

6 Week 2: Seeing People Tasks Take good notes! Write in your journal or notebook, as it will be the best gift you can offer your future self. This week is all about seeing behavior. Specifically, being able to let go of the desire to interpret behavior, and simply notice it. Spend as much of your social time as possible observing movements of the body, face and hands. Journal frequently when you see a behavior that appears to be more common than others. Watch for movement of the hands, and whether or not they move toward or away from a torso. Watch to see the retreat of feet during a seated conversation. Start noticing facial expressions you see as a conversation progresses. Do the people you normally speak to blink quickly (fast shutter speed of the eyelid)? Does the frequency someone blinks increase as you move closer to them during conversation? Journal behavior this week without any need whatsoever for speculation or interpretation of its meaning. Become more intimately familiar with the architecture of the BToE and start to see which side (left or right) of the table a gesture will fall. Notes One of the things you ll notice immediately when you begin profiling behavior is that all people are suffering, and almost all of us hide it in one way or another. This week, the intent is to force observation from your conscious awareness and make it an unconscious behavior to free up more RAM in your brain. Spend as long as you need on this, as it is a crucial step that sometimes requires more than a week to accomplish. Write your observations carefully, so that names and identifying information are known only to you. The BToE is your tool in the field. Take it with you and reference it as time becomes available. When you re observing people, stop yourself from passing judgment and making meaning out of what they are doing. Judgment will cloud your ability to see behavior in the future, and it s best to start without it. Just see what people are doing, no more. You re going to be learning extreme psychological tactics that will hinge on your ability to master seeing human behavior. The skills you will develop with influence will be supported by how well (and how naturally) you re eventually able to observe other people. Remind yourself constantly of the tasks throughout your days. The following weeks will walk you through learning critical skills in behavior analysis and reading human behavior that aren t all in The Ellipsis Manual. You re going to see incredible changes in the world around you, and probably some things you wish you hadn t seen at all. Ellipsis Manual Training Planner Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories LLC

The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis And Engineering Of Human Behavior Downloads Torrent


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