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Cat Run Ranch Flower Farm began in 2002 as we started cutting zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias from our gardens and landscape. We began our journey selling bouquets at the Granville Farmers Market. As our love for flower growing grew, we moved to our present 16 acre farm located in beautiful Licking County, near Granville, just off the Scenic B-Way. We have two greenhouses and three covered hoop houses and farm about two acres. We share our farm with three dogs, three cats and a bird.

buy cat run

Want to meet us in person? Visit us at the Granville Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:30am-noon beginning in May, and at the Fredonia Farm Market beginning in Spring. You can purchase flowers at the markets or place an order for local delivery.

Cat Run Ranch is a small family owned flower farm. We care about the environment by responsively farming, using as few chemicals as possible. We believe in sustainable farming methods and want to leave the land better than we found it. Our farm was even profiled in the Columbus Dispatch - see the story here!

At Cat Run, we have worked hard to make our dream a reality; we put solar panels on our house! We can finally charge our two golf carts and our Chevy Volt with the sun instead of coal. What a concept! We are also working with the Granville Solar Co-op to install a second system for our pole barn and greenhouse. We are trying hard to lessen our impact on the planet, lower our use of fossil fuels, and do the right thing for future generations. We will post more pics as the project progresses.

Cats are fascinated by the world outdoors. A backyard cat enclosure or cat run is a fantastic space for kitties (and kittens) to climb and play safely outside. No need to worry about traffic, neighbour's pets or wildlife. Pack it full of toys & fun activities and watch it become your cat's favourite hangout spot.

I love that my kitties are out in the morning sun and watching all the wildlife (I have lots of that ) around them and be stimulated but both the kitties and the wildlife is safe - my beautful boy even plays thru the wire with a wallaby and he often goes nose to nose with them too.

Our cat run and enclosure are made from a good quality galvanised steel mesh and frame. We paid extra to have the run/enclosure powder coated a colonial cream colour to match our home and powder coating also helps to preserve or protect the steel better from rust.

We decided to get a galvanised steel product because it would last longer than other products (such as nylon netting) and be stronger able to withstand any unforeseen rough treatment such as a dog tearing at it. Also, galvanised steel is easier to fix to walls, holds its shape, came in a range of colours, and wasn't a potential tangle threat to wild animals like nylon can be sometimes.

I like the fact that Betta Pet Systems have a large range of products made to order offering durability and practicality providing a set of designs to suit any scenario. The runs and enclosures were mostly preassembled requiring only to pop them open from the flat-pack state, join it all together, and it was ready to go!

We have a two story home so essentially we had to decide where to begin our cut run and downstairs out the back under the deck was deemed the most suitable. There were three main reasons for positioning our cat run/enclosure where we did and they were:

Once I drew up a rough pencil plan on paper of where the cat run and enclosure would go, I basically, got a tape measure and measured out the whole area to see how much actual run mesh we required and also the maximum size enclosure and wall climber that could fit it the positions we wanted them. The last thing anyone wants to do is buy a large mesh enclosure that doesn't fit in place so I made sure I measured twice and allowed for the extra height due to the wooden base!

Cat runs and enclosures are becoming increasingly popular and there are many reasons why this is happening. Cats are wonderful pets but the days of allowing them to freely roam the neighbourhood day and night are over. Community expectations with respect to keeping domestic felines are becoming less forgiving than any other time in history. Not that cats have ever really been completely tolerated but people are more educated now about how destructive cats are on the environment. And because this is a big issue for green groups, it gets a lot of support from the mainstream media taking every opportunity to remind the public of how bad their moggy is for the world unless its behaviour is strictly controlled.

It's really difficult to contain a cat or teach it to stay in your own yard because unlike a dog cats can climb. Sure, we've had neighbours that have loved our cats like they were their own and even fed them! But, we've also had neighbours that weren't too thrilled about an unannounced visit from our tomcat. This is a seriously good point if you do love your cat you can no longer assume that your neighbours will likely be "good" people and tolerant enough to shoo-off your cat from unwanted visits to their property. Unfortunately, due to the erosion of values in our society, it's possible more now than ever before that your cat could come to harm at the hands of people around you if it ventures away from your home.

Therefore, if you are at all concerned about your cat/s welfare you should definitely get/build a cat run, or even better, a cat enclosure with a cat run attached and that way your pet can get the best of both worlds in having more freedom without annoying others or endangering itself.

Due to this growing popularity in containing pet cats, there has been an explosion in ways and materials used to create a purpose built cat enclosure/run. We chose a galvanised steel mesh powder coated product in a colour that matched our home decor, in other words, we got a premium product at a premium price. However, you don't have to spend as much money as we did so here are some other options for a cat run/enclosure.

Instead of buying the whole run and cat enclosure package from the one specialised retailer you could just mix and match or not have an enclosure at all or buy the cat enclosure separately or make your own. There are plenty of reasonably priced products sold separately online such as those here on eBay AU and here on eBay USA or on eBay UK so depending on where you are it's possible to mix'n match to create not only a suitable but also an affordable environment for your pet that meets your budget.

At the beginning of this article, I did briefly detail my own reservations I have about using nylon netting for runs and cat enclosures, however, there are plenty of people around the world who use them for their cats. Netting is easy to handle, it's lightweight, pretty straightforward to install, and does the job in containing your pet cat but the bottom line is it's cheaper to buy than most other materials used for this purpose.

I've seen some cat netting designs that enclose large areas such as the whole backyard! Obviously, fully netting a big area like a backyard can only be done under certain circumstances where the property is suitable for such a bold enclosure but if it can be done it does have its advantages allowing a cat total freedom to go anywhere in the yard without requiring a run network.

There's no doubt that by most people's standards cats should be controlled and contained to one's own property for a range of reasons. However, not every cat is totally adaptable to living indoors and that's why a cat run preferably connected to a nice sized outdoor enclosure is a great compromise.

Self Sufficient Me is a blog about self-sustainment by growing our own produce (plant/animal), and self-fulfilment by looking after our health (physical/mental) through exercise and slowing life down a little.

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One major issue that contributes to the high price of cat wheels is the cost of shipping. Cat wheels are typically quite large and bulky, which can make them expensive to ship. This is a significant factor that drives up the overall cost of the product, making it less affordable for consumers as a result not really profitable for manufacturers.

Another potential issue related to shipping and the production of cat wheels is the lead time required for manufacturing. Because cat wheels are often made-to-order, manufacturers may not start production until after receiving an order from a customer. This can result in longer lead times for the production and delivery of the product, which may be frustrating for customers who are eager to receive their purchase in a timely manner.

Another great thing is that you can pick the actual size, e.g. M (medium-sized) for smaller cats and L (large-sized) for bigger breeds like Bengal. The medium-sized one measures 29.5 x 13.0 x 36.2 inches and can accommodate cats weighing not more than 15 lbs.

I also love that this cat wheel is designed to run quietly, which is a major selling point for cat owners who are worried about disturbing their neighbors or other pets in the house. In comparison to One Fast Cat Wheel, the difference is huge!

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is made of selected material and ABS plastic that makes it sturdy and safe. Constructed by durable materials, the wheel is light yet strong. On the other hand, the baseboard is strengthened with battens, made to be heavier to allow galloping speed of active cats. Quick summary:

Some Cat Exercise Wheels are not built to handle the most active cats. Fortunately, the One Fast Cat Exercise Running Wheel is different because it is constructed to accommodate all cats of all sizes. The rollers in the base make the wheel balanced so it will not comes off when bumped or when at a galloping speed. I have three Bengals, about 12 lbs each and it perfectly works for them. 041b061a72


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