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Every Child Is Special English Subtitle 192


this course covers the german-jewish cultural and literary tradition, from the late eighteenth century through the early twentieth century. topics to be covered include the nineteenth-century authors heinrich heine, herman melville, joseph roth, thomas mann, and franz kafka. we will also examine the american reaction to these writers and how they influenced american literature. we begin with authors such as walt whitman and ernest hemingway and end with franz kafka's modernist works.

this course examines the place of english literature in the development of modernism and the influence that french culture and literature has had on american thought and literature in the twentieth century. we will also examine the place of a number of writers from the eighteenth century and nineteenth century in the evolution of our modern culture and society, from george eliot to the brontë sisters, from nathaniel hawthorne to henry james. the course deals broadly with a wide range of subjects. it is designed to bring a sense of historical narrative to literature, to give a sense of the wider social and cultural development of america, and to allow students to explore the questions that motivate their reading.

cmlit (engl) 259 the origins of modern drama (3) (gh)(ba) this course meets the bachelor of arts degree requirements. cmlit/engl259 will constitute a wide-ranging study of plays by authors often credited with the making of modernist drama. the course will approach these plays from a variety of thematic, historical, and/or generic vantages. authors under consideration will vary from class to class but may include authors such as ibsen, shaw, wilde, chekhov, galsworthy, and o'neill. important works by asian, african, and latin american playwrights will be considered, too. topics under consideration will vary from class to class but may include a chronological introduction to the development of modern drama, a consideration of a principal theme or themes in modern drama through a number of plays, or a consideration of plays in the context of historical events or formal or aesthetic elements. time allotted for the study of the works under consideration will vary. this course will prepare students for advanced courses in dramatic literature as well as other academic courses that engage in the verbal and written analysis of complex written texts. the course may be used as an english or comparative literature major credit or as credit toward the english or comparative literature minor. 3d9ccd7d82


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