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Best Time To Buy Gym Membership

"The best time of year to sign up at a gym is normally January during the new year," Quianna Camper, RSP Nutrition athlete and AAAI/ISMA certified personal trainer tells Bustle via email. "During this time I find that most people write out plans for the year that normally include creating a regimen to reach a specific fitness goal. Also, during this time you're usually guaranteed a discounted price, the sign-up fee waived, or a few free gym accessories as a sign-on perk. Can't beat that time of year," Camper says.

best time to buy gym membership

In terms of your health goals, there's really no wrong time to sign up at the gym. "Sure, there are tons of promotions around January, but if you are really looking to join a gym, especially if it's your first time, do it today," Meg Takacs, master trainer for Aaptiv tells Bustle via email. "Most gyms will negotiate with you on price any time of the year, as there are usually promotions to be found."

Dave Karraker, co-owner of MX3 Fitness in San Francisco, added that spending as little as possible on a gym membership may actually undermine your efforts in the long run. (Assuming, of course, that you're saving just to save, and not out of necessity.) "Typically the folks who are looking for a screaming deal are also the folks who are most likely to drop off and stop working out," Karraker told POPSUGAR. You know those big box gyms that tout bare-minimum membership fees? They may also have some of the lowest attendance and highest drop-off rates. "If it is that cheap, people don't mind not using it," Karraker explained.

So, while you want to make sure you're living within your means, think of a gym membership as an investment. Just like investing in the stock market, the longer you invest in your health and wellbeing, the more you'll gain.

If you're ready to commit to the gym, but you need to stick to a budget, there are times that you can score better deals. "Every gym has sales quotas to hit each month. The slowest times of the year are then the hardest months to hit quotas," Meier told POPSUGAR. "The slowest times are usually the summer months and during the winter holidays because many people are traveling and can't make it to the gym. Sales associates at these times will be the most willing to give good rates and throw in extras in order to hit their numbers."

Regardless of the time of year, you may also have better luck scoring a discount if you sign up during the last few days of the month. "The end of the month is when sales associates really need to close as many sales as possible, so if you had to pick the best time, it would be in that last three to five days of the month," Meier said.

She added that most gyms have some sort of deal going all the time, but gyms that haven't yet opened typically offer the deepest discounts. "The absolute best time to join any gym is if you can find a new gym that is going to open up soon and is in presale," Meier said. "This is when you will find the lowest membership rates and deals. At this time, they are trying to get as many members signed up before they open the doors. If it is a really good gym, then once they have been open a year, the rates will start to go up for new members, but you may be able to stay locked in at that original low rate."

Right after graduating college, I worked in sales at an upscale fitness club in New York City and know all about the best time to join a gym. The facility was breathtaking with all the latest and greatest equipment and trendy group fitness classes, amenities in the locker room, and beautifully designed spaces throughout. The monthly membership cost also made it out of reach for many of the people who walked in the door wanting to join.

Megan Smyth, co-founder and CEO of multi-studio membership service New York FitReserve, said now is one of the best times for gym and studio deals. FitReserve is offering a one-time only New Year's special with 20 percent off universal access to full schedules at over 50 top studios and gyms and over 2,000 classes/week, plus half off a nutrition consultation with Keri Glassman's Nutritious Life.

2. Offer to pay for a year in advance at a discount, and ask for free personal training sessions. Blink Fitness, a no-frills gym owned by Equinox, recently offered flash weekend deals of 50 percent off an entire year of monthly dues if you pay up front. In the New York City area, that's $140 or $170 for the year after the discount, depending on the membership type you choose.

Tim Keightley, executive vice president of operations for fitness chain Gold's Gym, said the two best bargain times for a consumer to make a decision to join a fitness club are the summer and the New Year.

\"You actually get a better deal in December going into early January, and you get a really good deal in the summer,\" Keightley said. In the East Coast, a lot of people go to the beach on weekends, kids are home from school and membership slows down.\"

From a gym company's perspective, Keightley said gyms have an incentive to sign members up on Jan. 1, instead of Feb. 1, if members are paying monthly membership fees. \"The company is making more money,\" he said, explaining that many gyms offer promotions in December to have people commit starting Jan. 1.

You can get a seven-day guest pass at Gold's Gym to \"try before you buy.\" Keightley advises you try a gym at least three times to get the \"real feel\" of the classes, available machines or other training. If you're a sports enthusiast, you should ask if there is training offered related to golf, baseball or whatever your interest.

If you want only a quick 45-minute workout, then a retail store and cafe are probably not things you need. Sometimes, services like kids' clubs are included. But if those amenities are offered, there are usually costs associated with them.

If you are serious about your fitness goals, Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon said consumers should be less concerned about the cost of membership and more concerned finding a gym that fits their needs and lifestyle. 041b061a72


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