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Paracelsus' ideas were taken up by Newton and carried into the industrial revolution. It was taken to its logical conclusion, which was the invention of drugs to make the body better, creating medicines in other words, and the atomic theory, which eventually came into use today.

TW: Paracelsus used electronics, and he was interested in alchemy, which was a combination of chemistry and magic. He was a physician, well-trained, but at the same time he was also a master alchemist.

TW: Yeah, when Paracelsus wrote the Protocol of the Black Blood, all his followers saw that as the opening to a new age, where the planets aligned and we went to the moon and spread out.

Eventually Newton, when he sat down and decided what the laws of physics should say, also decided what the laws of medicine should be. What the Chemicals should be. The life, the soul-the spirit-was to be generated from the body, not the body being generated from the soul, which made some people very uneasy. d2c66b5586


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