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Who Buys Used Audio Equipment Near Me

StereoBuyers is a family-run business in New York City, specializing in buying pre-owned high-end stereo and home audio equipment like amplifiers, receivers, pre-amplifiers, CD Players and more. We also have an office in Denver, serving Colorado audiophiles.

who buys used audio equipment near me

We buy a wide variety of audio, video, and home theater equipment, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, home theater receivers, tuners, stereo receivers, integrated amplifiers, CD players, turntables, cassette decks, vacuum tubes, records, speaker cables, audio interconnects, and more.

We often get amazing deals on discontinued and other types of equipment our manufacturers are looking to unload quickly. Our Pre-owned Gear page often changes with the latest used audio equipment we have taken in trade or purchased.

Plastics can be reused in products like toys, landscaping equipment, decking material and lawn furniture. Flat-panel TV glass can be repurposed into digital watch faces, or mixed to create road construction grading material. Some metals make their way back as car body panels and other auto components.

Buy and sell used and new professional AV audio, lighting and video equipment. We sell equipment for professional live concert and installation application. Find line array sound systems, LED and discharge moving lights, DLP projectors, speakers and line array elements, sound mixing consoles, lighting console desks, LED lighting and more. For 15 years we have built relationships with productions companies in over 88 countries to bring them the highest level of equipment and service.

Most of the equipment Getchell, 29, sells and restores was made years before he was even born. It was a childhood curiosity about how electronic and audio equipment worked that got him into the business.

In 2014, Getchell took a leap of faith and opened a brick-and-mortar shop in a converted house at 521 E. Main St. in Brownburg. He also stocked a few used guitars and other musical equipment, and partnered with two teachers to offer guitar lessons.

I see the biggest change in buying and selling used equipment as being the dramatic shift in the risk-benefit ratio. You can still get great deals on great stuff from good sellers, and you can still sell your unwanted items to reasonable people for reasonable sums. But the overall probability of a good transaction is far lower than it used to be. The risks of transactions with strangers are far greater and potentially far more serious than they used to be.

Some of my best used buys have been from locals who list their equipment on audio oriented marketplaces such as Canuck Audio Mart and have reliable, positive feedback. There is no substitute from meeting the seller in person. Even better if he/she is willing to bring the item over and allow you to hear it in your own system. And purchases from locals virtually eliminates shipping cost. It may take patience to find what you want but, in my experience, the wait is usually worth it both in terms of price and avoidance of risk. Of course, the availability of such opportunities is often limited to those who live in relatively large urban centres.

I too have bought and sold a lot of my gear used. The main sites I use are AS and US Audio Mart (USAM). My experience has been almost 100% positive, and in some ways, it has changed the way I think about audio expenditure. The true "cost" of a component now is not how much I paid for it, but the difference between what I paid to buy it used, and what I will get if/when I sell it used.

Xtreme Pawn Shop has all the audio equipment you need to get started on your hobby. Visit our pawn shop today. Whether you're starting up a band or wanna make some music, we have a massive selection of new and used audio equipment. We also have car audio equipment, speakers, and a lot more to choose from. Visit our shop to find what you are looking for.

The audio interface is a type of hardware in charge of improving the sound quality in your computer's performance. Some interfaces will also allow you to connect professional microphones and different types of instruments to your computer, as well as other types of signals. Whenever you record your audio onto your computer, your audio interface will find a way to enhance the sound and make your music more vibrant. This is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used for recording music and or doing podcasts.

A Digital Audio Workstation, also known as (DAW) is an electric device or software application that is used for recording, editing, and producing any type of audio file. This station can come as a software on your computer, or it can come as a unit whichever you prefer to buy. This is an excellent system for recording music and sounds as it can intensify your music skills.

We provide global access to the northern european second hand market of used top brand equipment. Our aim is to make the latest technology available to everyone by offering the best equipment at an affordable price level.

By selling your used equipment you do more than free up capital and warehouse space. Giving your gear a new home also benefits the environment by reducing the products carbon footprint and saving precious resources. Create an account to quickly add your listings.

About 5 years ago I rediscovered my love of music and interest in audio equipment. I consider myself an enthusiast rather than an expert. So it was with the zeal of an enthusiast rather than with the ear of an expert I began my audio journey. Over the past several years I have managed to acquire dozens of speakers, receivers, amplifiers and related audio gear. The purpose of this article is not to discuss my past purchases but to share with fellow enthusiasts or audio hobbyists my approach to collecting audio gear. More specifically things I have learned about collecting gear through the second hand market.

There are several resources available to someone interested in buying used audio gear. Thrift stores such as those operated by the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries and other community based groups are an excellent resource for buying used audio gear. Garage sales, Flea markets, Craigslist and On-Line auction sites such as E-Bay are also possible outlets for buying used equipment. The two things that a successful collector will need when looking for equipment at any of these sources are patience and luck.

Now that you know where to buy used gear how will you know what to buy? Let me start here by saying that ultimately that your opinion is the only opinion that counts when it comes to selecting gear. Depending on your knowledge level you may not need to consult outside resources on what used gear to purchase. If you are reading this guide then you have already found one source. A variety of on-line communities exist which are dedicated strictly to audio/video gear or music. Reading and asking questions about equipment on these sites can greatly increase your knowledge and help you share ideas with people with similar interests. You certainly will find people on these sites with certain perspectives and bias towards gear. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you understand their perspective and weigh it against your own preferences. Keep an open mind, read a variety of sources and even the most experienced audio hobbyist will learn something from other members of these communities. Magazines and e-mags dedicated to audio/video and music can also be great tools. They too can carry their biases into their opinions of equipment thought it might be harder to spot unless you read them regularly. Also they will supply lots of specifications. This can be useful information once you understand the application of these specifications. I would just suggest here that you do not make buying decisions strictly based on specifications. Your listening preferences cannot easily match up to specifications so trust your ears over graphs and charts.

Protect your purchases and rest easy with our Product Protection Plan. For a small cost, you can have confidence in your purchase of items like computers, audio/video equipment and other merchandise. With our Product Protection Plan, you can shop with confidence.

New equipment, particularly when new technology is used, is often a showcase for the company's latest thinking. The new buyer not only buys the latest but they also buys the exclusivity of being the "first on the block" and perhps being the envy of those who can only wish to own something so magnificent. The price of exclusivity, which could well be worth it, is not just measured in dollars but also in time, effort, and sometimes exasperation. Especially with new technology, there is the possibility that it's use and application is unproven in the real world. For this, we can thank the new equipment buyer because they can (and are even willing) test this stuff out for us - possibily at the detriment of their ancillary equipment. Of course, in the high-end world this may be an exagerration, but to certain degrees this has happened plenty of times with even the most respected manufacturers

There always comes a time when the new owner must part with thier now used piece of audio equipment. For whatever reasons (most of the time it's upgrade fever) the equipment ends up in a dealer's showroom or on the web for a tremendous discount on the list price. This is very good for the aficianado of used equipment!

Used audio equipment has both benefits and drawbacks which will be outlined here, but it becomes clear that the relative advantages of buying and using used equipment outweigh the disadvantages. It may even be concluded that the merits of owning used equipment surpass buying new, but that can be left up to the reader.

Just like clothing, good audio equipment has an extended usefulness that goes through several phases:For the new buyer, it represents the heigth of fashion for a few seasons until it becomes unfashionable. For the next buyer fashion is not as much an issue. This person will benefit from the huge discount and the opportunity to aquire this Object D' Audio. The next phase might be the re-assignment of duties for the particular piece - main amp becomes the subwoofer only amp, old speakers are used for the office system, or the piece is sold or given to a friend who can provide a good home to old equipment. In some instances, old equipment can be given new life and may come back into fashion. 041b061a72


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