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Warrior Cats Computer Game VERIFIED

Most people don't actually know the answer to this one, but I was inspired by my sister. She was the first person I know who started reading the books, and she loved them. Well, as time went by, I started to program for computer, and my sister would sometimes ask me what it would be like if I made a video game based off the Warrior Cats books. So eventually I decided that it was about time to. To summarize, my sister was the main inspiration. She kept me going throughout the process.

warrior cats computer game

The game deviates from other games about Warrior Cats in the fact that it doesn't make a set-in-stone story for you to follow. Whereas in other games you'll play as Firestar or some other main character and follow the books' storylines, I decided to make one with a more Animal-Crossing-esque approach and ended up with the open-world make-your-own-cat and decide-your-own-fate game that it is today. I also chose to make all the cats in my game different from the ones in the books on purpose, to really make it feel less linear than a game which would walk you through the books would.That's what makes it stand out from the rest, I'd say. As for the features, I can easily sum them up by saying that pretty much anything a warrior cat would have to worry about is in this game-- Hunger, thirst, cars, enemy clans, hunting, getting reputation with your clan, finding a mate, all that good stuff.

v1 was only downloaded about 200 times in all before I made v2, so people who have v1 are rare indeed.Also, there is another "v0" that I made specifically for someone to make a large map of the world in-game with. This "v0" is formatted so that you have no hunger, no thirst, no enemy cats, you have the ability to turn invisible, there's no rain, and there's no night. Also, the clock is not visible in this version. All of this makes it a *lot* easier to get a large map of the entire game. The finished product of this person's efforts can be seen on the game's official website.

Warrior cats are best game in roblox but i wish they add drinking water animation (from river or lake) and it would be good to if they fix lags on mobile ph cuz am on ph and i need to have my graphic low or it will be laggy (when the graphic are high) ty for reading the coment.

In this open-world video game, a group of nine cats has all the liberty to explore their surroundings. The game ditches the traditional-combat game style and instead focuses on discovery and exploration.

Published by WarriorCatsRP, Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition is a Roblox game where players get to enjoy an RPG experience. They are allowed to live out the life of a warrior cat based on fiction fantasy series called Warriors. Players can customize their cats with a variety of options like color, hair, etc. After that, you will have to choose whether you want to be a warrior, clan leader, or medicine cat. You can find friends, make guilds or alliances and battle the opposition.

About CattailsCattails is an indie game developed by the husband and wife team Falcon Development. The game was released to the public on December 1st 2017. You assume the role of a cat as you explore an expansive world filled with prey, flora, and cats like you! You can hunt, fight, and socialize with the cats that inhabit the world of Cattails.


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