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Febrian Wieting
Febrian Wieting

The Jam-This Is The Modern World-1977-Flac

The influence of the fourth world style on modern music is incalculable. An offshoot of the ambient innovations of the 1970s, the utopian sounds of fourth world have played a part in everything from dub techno to Balearic house to new age to whatever you would call the material that Animal Collective were making around the time of Strawberry Jam.

The Jam-This Is The Modern World-1977-Flac

The singles "Southern Hospitality" (featuring Pharrell) and "What's Your Fantasy" (featuring Shawnna), became top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He then released the albums Word of Mouf (2001), Chicken-n-Beer (2003) and The Red Light District (2004), all of which were certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His next two albums Release Therapy (2006) and Theater of the Mind (2008), explored more serious content than its predecessors. In 2010, he was featured on Justin Bieber's single "Baby", which became one of the highest-certified singles of all time in the US and a defining song in modern-day popular music.[2] His seventh album, Battle of the Sexes (2010), featured a return to the more lighthearted tone of his previous albums.

The first time that Allan Holdsworth worked with John Stevens was in 1977, where a lot of material was recorded by the band in England. As a result of a lot of extended jam sesions and recorded rehearsals the following recordings were released: "Touching On" (1977); "Conversation Piece" (1980) and "Retouch" (1983); And now "Propensity" (1978)... The interesting thing about this disc is that it is showing part of Allan Holdsworth's "Acoustic Period" that goes from 1975 to 1979 with the following bands and tracks: 1. "Gone Sailing" with Soft Machine (BUNDLES, 1975); 2. "Floppy Hat", "Kinder" and "Last May" in his first ever solo album VELVET DARKNESS (1976) 3. "Shadows Of" and "Mireille" with Gong (GAZEUSE, 1976); 4. "Golden Lakes", "The Things You See", "Diminished Responsability", "She's Looking I'm Cooking" and "Up Country" with Gordon Beck in THE THINGS YOU SEE (1978); 5. "The Gathering" and "Sunbird", again with Gordon Beck in SUNBIRD (1979); 6. "Jools Tune" With John Stevens in PROPENSITY (1978); 7. And the introduction of his self penned track "Nevermore" for U.K. (U.K., 1978). In this "Propensity" project the band was formed by Danny Thompson (Acoustic Bass), John Stevens (Drums) and Allan Holdsworth (12 string Acoustic and Electric guitars). "Propensity" contains just two pieces: the acoustic "Jools Toon" and the electric "It Could Have Been Mono". It was originally planned as a mini EP. Recorded and mixed in 1978 at Island Studios, St. Peter's Square, London, England; failed to see the light in the english market by company problems and produced by Danny Thompson in 1997 and now this CD is in the market. I must say that "Propensity", for sure, in the modern Jazz field, is the better John Stevens recording because it is really interesting to listen to all of the "Free Jazz" soloing of Holdsworth (like in the good old days of Ornette Coleman or John Coltrane) in these two pieces. So don't miss the opportunity to add this disc to your collection... Good Luck! Jeff T. Jesmorh - Mexico City 041b061a72


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