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Join our Summer cohort beginning June 4, 2024 

Or reserve your spot with our Fall cohort here. 

Unlock your team's potential with our flagship 12-week Leadership Program, Resilient Leadership.


This cohort-based, virtual experience focuses on developing self-awareness, identifying and overcoming biases, and enhancing interpersonal relationships among team members within your organization.

Key Objectives:

  • Productivity - Overwhelmingly, training participants say that their focus, attention and overall productivity increases through this 12-week experience.

  • Teamwork - Not only are they more productive as individuals, team engagement increases and the culture of the organization is impacted positively. 

  • Resilience - At the heart of our programming is evidence-based practices that improve attention, high-performance habits, and the ability to remain calm and focused under stress; all components of resilience.

Recent Feedback

"I thought the amount of' 'lecture-to-lab' was perfect and the lab breakout sessions were always productive and just the right amount of time spent. Truly an impressive and a life changing experience." Director of Sales/Healthcare


"It will transform the way you lead your team!"  CEO/Talent Acquisition


"The program will help you evaluate yourself in a much deeper way than you have ever experienced to become a better coach and leader." Project Manager/Commercial Construction


"Very positive, and highly recommended." Senior Project Manager/Commercial Construction

"Do it for yourself, your co-workers, and your family." CEO/Commercial Construction

"It has been very helpful in showing my weaknesses and my strengths, and that looking at the positives can be more helpful than looking at the negatives." VP Operations/Commercial Construction

"I think the training was great! It's key to have these tools in a business to be successful and have a great team of employees."  Office Manager/Commercial Construction

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