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We are establishing Virtual Courtrooms. Court hearings inyour case that we can hold remotely via video or phone conference will beheld on the Zoom platform, which is free to you. You will receive an email fromthe Court if we are proceeding with your hearing with the information you needto connect. To participate by video, you must click on the weblink youreceived in the email invitation at the time your hearing is scheduled or callthe phone number listed in the invitation to participate by phone. You do notneed to download anything or set up an account in order for you to participatein a zoom hearing.Video appearance is required for any participant whose testimonyis necessary so the judge can administer the oath.Please wait until a day before your scheduled hearing forthe court to send you an email containing a Zoom link and instructions. If you resolve your matter, please cancel it in CourtMAP.

Husky OnNet (HON) is a free individual VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that provides current UW students, faculty and staff with a secure connection to the UW network from remote locations, such as from home, a coffee shop, at the airport, etc.

F5 Networks provide documentation for BIG-IP Edge Client, F5 Helper, and F5 Access. Note that these documentations may be technical, may become partially out of date over time, and may not fully apply to Husky OnNet.

On May 19, 1856, the temperature reached 90 degrees in the Old Senate Chamber, which was packed beyond reasonable capacity. At 1:00 p.m. Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner rose to speak. It had taken him two months to schedule floor time. The crusading antislavery Republican intended to address the explosive issue of whether Kansas should be admitted to the Union as a slave state or a free state.

Windows 11 22H2 (2022 Update) is officially available as a free upgrade for devices that meet the minimum system requirements starting September 20, 2022. This rollout marks the first feature update (build 22621.382) for the operating system that (as always) brings a new set of features and improvements to enhance productivity, security, and the overall user experience.

Windows 11 22H2 is a free upgrade available as an optional install for computers that meet the minimum requirements. This means that similar to the original release, you will need a device with at least an Intel 8th Gen (or newer) or Ryzen 2000 (or more recent processor), 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 and Secure Boot.

The upgrade process requires a complete reinstallation, whether you are coming from the original release of Windows 11 or the most recent version of Windows 10. However, your files, settings, and apps will be preserved during the process. Although this is a non-destructive process, creating a full backup is always recommended before proceeding.

Once you complete the steps, the computer will gracefully opt out of the program, and it will continue to get updates for as long as version 22H2 is supported. However, you need to enable this option before the computer downloads and installs another preview for the next feature update.

If you are unable to report for jury service or need to be excused because of a hardship, you must request an excuse in writing on the qualification questionnaire. If you have already submitted your questionnaire, or to provide additional information, send an email with your full name and 9 digit participant number to

Persons who may not serve as jurors include those who have pending felony criminal charges which may be punishable by more than one year in prison; have been convicted of a felony without having their civil rights restored; have a permanent physical or mental disability that would prevent service as a juror; or hold certain occupations (full-time military, police, firefighters, and elected public officials).

Jurors are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations. Jurors instru


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