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Forever First Love (2020)


Forever First Love (2020)

A modern romance where the past meets the future. Paul is an international photographer who travels the world to capture the perfect photographic moment. Amid the colour and chaos of a crowded Filipino market, destiny intervenes when Paul's first love, Anna appears in his lens. The travelers spend the day exploring the beauty of the 16th-century town and whilst passions reignite, their principles on relationships, religion, and morality clash. The night they spend together will change everything.

The cast for Paper Swords at the 2020 Chicago Musical Theatre Festival has been announced! With music and lyrics by Matt Day and a book by Kelsey Nighthawk, Paper Swords also features direction by Logan Boyd Jones and music direction by Samantha Westlake.CastElise Delap - ElenaDanny Ferenczi - AveryDavid Marden - WillKatie Cutler - LizNatalie Rae - BrenCody Robison - The KingAllie Wessel - SamWill Rupert - Jeffrey/WaiterNola Tellone - NoraTickets to Paper Swords are available at Swords is a romantic comedy musical, focusing on two groups of live action role-players (LARPers) as they navigate adolescence. When the king announces his retirement, the teenagers and the kingdom of Eloren are thrown into shambles. To determine the next ruler of the land, the knights of competing teams Ferndrey and Silvermore must battle one another for the throne. Paper Swords reminds us of the joyous moments of adolescence, before college and adulthood changed our lives forever. It highlights moments of first love, true friendship, and the sense of community fostered when working together as a team. It keeps its youthful innocence intact down to the very last note of the final song.

This Christmas, through all the pain and loss, we remember that our biggest problem was solved before any of us were even born. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came down to earth to reconcile us to God. That incredible act of love, God taking on human flesh, changed history forever. 59ce067264


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